This book provides an insight into the uses and abuses of POWER down through the  ages, from Julius Caesar to Osama bin Laden.

What subconscious forces prompted these 'great' men to manipulate civilizations, as often to their detriment as to advantage? Surprisingly, most were 'tarred' with the same psychological brush - lessons from the past which are a warning for the generations to come.


The back page descriptor reads: Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry VIII, Winston Churchill, Douglas MacArthur, Franklin Roosevelt et al, have all been remarkable men, 'great' leaders. And yet, all of them showed considerable frailties too, which, at various points in their careers, brought pain and disruption to others - as often to those who served them as for those 'on the other side of the hill.'


The theme of 'Primitive Shadow' centres on an observation by the notable psychiatrist/psychologist,

Dr Carl Jung. In a dream just prior to the Great War of 1914-18 he allegorized the inner urgencies that drive many of us at various times - and with the great men of our civilizations, most of the time. Theirs is a dangerous game, often driven by un-countenanced, aggressive, volatile emotions, sometimes for our benefit but, just as often, to our detriment.


What is this 'primitive shadow' of which Carl Jung was so wary? What is this deadly cocktail that drives us at times; what is it in the human psyche that has seen the most intelligent species on this planet repeatedly turn and tear his fellow beings to pieces?


This book, by examining the lives of many of history's outstanding personalities, their triumphs and their failures, gives some insights into the Achilles heel that has affected us since the beginning of time and which, despite all of our advances in the modern era, threatens us still. Are we the most advanced of all the species that have inhabited this place, or will we prove to be, endlessly, the most destructive?

The Primitive Shadow